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About Us

Serious about the important stuff. Plenty of laughs on the journey.

Our Story

Hey there,

There was a time in our life when we realized PCSing was just not that fun. Exciting, yes. Fun, no.

In fact, we got orders for a sweet gig in San Diego with 99.9% certainty. That .01% got us though. Rug pulled, we were diverted to Shreveport, Louisiana at the last minute.

See what we mean? Not fun.

You know what else is not fun? Going through the headache of finding and financing a house at every. new. pcs. location. It’s kind of like riding a roller coaster blindfolded. You never know if you’re going up or going down next.

WeVett was founded in 2018 by a group of USAFA grads who didn’t like rugs or roller coasters. (Actually, I think we are probably alright with both, but it’s nice alliteration.)

Our goal is to bring consistency to the PCS process. 

At every new PCS location, you’ll have a real estate agent who eats military moves for breakfast and a lender who can quote VA Loan specifics better than ‘90s song lyrics. It’s a solid bet your move will be smoother and a lot more fun with WeVett as your point guard.

After helping families through their 3rd and 4th consecutive PCS, we can proudly say – we are your one stop for finding and financing a home at every PCS.

Our Mission

Provide consistency to the PCS process by helping military to find and finance their next home.

Our Vision


Become the number one home ownership resource for active-duty military.


Eliminate financial hardship in the military by helping service members build a legacy of long-term financial stability through real estate.

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