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Basic Allowance for Housing

Use our simple BAH calculator for all your promotions, PCSs, new babies, dream sheet potentials and, of course, when curiosity randomly strikes.

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Military BAH Calculator

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When does BAH rate change?

  • Promotion to a New Pay Grade

  • New Dependent (get married, have a baby, etc.)

  • PCS to a Different Location 

  • DOD Updates BAH at the Start of Each Year


Can you use BAH on the VA Loan?

Yes, military can use Basic Allowance for Housing as income when applying for a VA home loan. Mortgage lenders will factor in your monthly BAH if included on your loan application.

Be aware, if you opt for a home at the top end of your price range, BAH might not always cover your entire mortgage payment.

If you land on the opposite end of the spectrum and purchase a home with a monthly payment under your BAH, then you are free to save or deploy that cash elsewhere.

Qualify for a VA Loan

If your BAH rate has changed and you are looking to purchase a home, you’re in luck! Our VA loan specialists can talk through what that might look like and get you pre-qualified for a loan.

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