The Easiest PCS Ever…Part One

What do you get when you throw together a toddler, a newborn baby, a four-month long TDY (four months-ish because…you know how that goes), a PCS, and a separation from Active-Duty? My life. Here in our household, we like to do all of the major life changes at once. Just kidding – it just happened […]

3 Non-Boring Ways to Spend Your 2023 Military Pay Raise

If you’ve been following along with our blog series, we’ve presented several very responsible ideas for using your expected 4.6% pay raise… you know, the kind of ideas that your mom would be proud of. (And that we would be proud of too!) Let’s shake off the burdens of adulting for a minute though and […]

The OODA Loop You Never Knew You Needed

As military members and families, stability can be hard to come by. Life is hectic with TDYs, deployments, PCSes, and all of the in-between. While you may not be able to control when and where you move, or when you have to take a short-notice deployment–you do thankfully have control over your finances. According to […]

Get Inspired by this Air Force Spouse, Now Published Author

Have you ever dreamed of one day writing a book? For most of us, that pipedream is in the very distant future and, in all likelihood, a never. Air Force spouse, Marissa Howard, not only lassoed that dream, but she made it a trilogy. The life of a military spouse is an especially difficult road […]

Left Foot, Right Foot: Take the Steps NOW to Prepare for Retirement

“The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income.” – George Foreman Imagine this. It’s 2034, you’ve applied to retire in 365 days, and you can finally fill out the DD Form 2656 determining how you’ll get paid on retirement. Sounds like a dream, right? …but it’s only 2022. Ouch, […]

5 Highest, Lowest Locations for 2023 BAH Increase

Military compensation has taken major steps lately in preparation for 2023. We’ve known for a while about the expected 4.6% pay increase for service members happening in January, but the largest BAH increase in history announced this week was icing on the cake (for most service members, at least.) The Department of Defense released the […]